The university must be on the side of spreading scientific thinking throughout the society!

The anti-evolution symposium* that is announced to be held in the Marmara University has no scientific basis. Scientists are responsible for enlightening the society against reactionary fallacies.

The university has consisted of two groups of people throughout its history: Responsible scientists and “clerks” with empty academic titles. Nevertheless, it has become a respected institution for the society due to the quality and attitude of the former group.

On the other hand, it is also due to the silence of this group of scientists that the university has become an unpromising and unilluminating place for quite a while now. And this long term silence came with a price. The reconstruction process of the “scientific” mission of the academy with marketing and bigotry has brought evolution, one of the milestone theories of the natural sciences, to the edge of being expelled from universities. Today, we are almost at a breaking point. Will scientists give in to this transformation or will they take action for spreading scientific thinking throughout the society?

  • The nerve to organize a symposium in a university claiming “science does not acknowledge evolution” must not be underestimated; and the intensity to make the society and the academy accept fallacies must not be left without a serious response.

  • The basic condition of scientific study is being factual by paying honest attention to data at hand. As the creationist view does not satisfy this criterion, proposing it like a scientific alternative cannot be considered under scientific freedom. Scientific theories are not based on personal views that can just be asserted, but based on evidence and abstractions subjected to testability. It must not be allowed to present creationism under the name of science.

  • Organization of such a symposium is unacceptable. It would not be possible to even think of submitting a scientific paper to such a symposium. The effort to bring the statement of “the religious youth” into action by the Marmara University administration cannot be legitimized by any means.

  • In order to read the call of this anti-evolutionist symposium follow the link.   
  • Symposium on creationism stirs debate in academia (hurriyetdailynews).   
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